Industries are growing every day at an increasing rate all around the world. Apart from utilizing power and other resources, many of these industries are likely to produce unwanted waste, even wastage of energy. This is in terms of the efficiency of the current heavy industries and power sector to utilize the available resources and produce optimum results at the least possible cost, but with efficiency and quality.

Parag Fans & Cooling Systems Limited, is India’s largest and leading manufacturer of efficient and advanced heat exchangers and cooling fin fans at a global level. Parag Fans has been instrumental in supplying more than 25,000 individual units of high-efficiency axial-flow FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) fans, in variety of models according to the needs of the specific client. Parag Fans has supplied industries with efficient and innovative industrial cooling solutions in more than 40 different countries across the globe.

Parag Fans has provided advanced and energy-saving fin fans, mainly used in cooling towers and condenser units in heavy industries. These are efficient fin fans that are most useful in heat rejection from a hot fluid process, by manipulating the air flow and dissipating the heat uniformly to the surroundings.

Parag Fans develops modern fin fans that act as effective extended industrial radiators in helping to stave off the heat into the surrounding atmosphere, using a series of tubes with multiple fin fans connected to it. This helps to move the created lower temperature over the fin fans to the hot fluid which is done in the most uniform manner.

Parag Fans designs the fin fans in a fashion which is reflective of its efficiency and quality of design, which also affords ease of transport and shipping. Parag Fans also ensures that the variety of fins used in the heat exchanging fin fans offered is unique and most efficient for the customer. Every fin fan is equipped with the best and most powerful axial drive for added efficiency and reliability.

Parag Fans has provided extensive range of various cooling fans to heavy industries, such as condensation plants, power plants, oil and gas refineries, petrochemical industries, etc, located in more than 40 different countries, including mainly in India, USA, England, Spain, China, Kenya, various Middle-Eastern countries, and other Asian countries which are popular for their industrial prowess.

Parag Fans is considered the most reliable and leading supplier of various fin fan coolers, including other industrial cooling solutions, such as process coolers, compress coolers, coil coolers, finned tube coolers, tube bundles, fin-to-air coolers, air-blast oil coolers, auxiliary coolers, etc.

Parag Fans ensures that every product is manufactured according to the client’s requirement. The variety of fin fans on offer is immense, as it includes fans with fins ranging from 2 ft-60 ft in diameter. These are mainly manufactured with the focus on the air cooling towers, air cooling condensers, ventilation, mining applications from these air-cooled fin fans. These are highly-efficient fin fans that are proven to save energy and power to the rate of 250MW for our clients. Parag Fans offers the fin fan coolers to be customized according to the needs of the individual client. These are made using the most advanced and tough material which is able to withstand temperatures ranging from -40 to 310 Fahrenheit, thus enabling the fans to work effectively in most extreme conditions, as is required of them.

Parag Fans ensures the quality and reliability of their product with the vast range of renowned clients on their service profile as well as the assurance of more than 30 years in operation manufacturing air-cooled fin fans and other industrial cooling solution to customers all over the globe.