In this fast-developing industrial world the increasing number of industries is giving rise to various climate and environmental concerns. Thus, the industry needs more efficient exhaust methods that help in reducing greenhouse emissions.

Parag Fans & Cooling Systems Limited, the largest and leading manufacturers of highest-efficient Axial Flow PRP fans and other innovative cooling solutions from India provides extensive range of cooling and exhaust range of fans for medium as well as heavy industrial uses.

Parag Fans has an impressive range of high-end Air Cooled Heat Exchanger fans that are most efficient in transferring heat from one fluid to another, even despite physical barriers between them. The air-cooled condenser fans and the air-cooled heat exchanger fans are reliable in generating the air flow required to initiate the heat exchange, hence heat-exchanger fans are very important in several chemical and power industries, mainly.

Parag Fans has the widest selection of ACC (air-cooled condenser) fans, especially for heat exchanging purposes in industries, which are specialized for various different purposes.

Parag air-cooled heat exchanger fans are available in various sizes, ranging from 2 feet to 40 feet (i.e. 600 mm to 12,000 mm), with blades numbering from single to 12 blades. The efficient design of the Parag Fans air-cooled heat exchanger fans allows it to generate an impressive static pressure of around 2 inches of WG (50 mm). The air flow generated by such powerful blades is around 3,000,000 CFM (or 1420 m^3/sec.

The powerful motor allows the fan an impressive 1,440 RPM (revolutions per minute) and the toughened and reinforced FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) material used to make these effective heat exchangers allows the blades to operate in extreme weather and temperatures, ranging from -40 to 120 degree Celsius.

The advanced design and innovative technique behind the creation of such efficient air-cooled heat-exchanger fans by Parag Fans provides more benefits than the competitors, including superior design and efficiency with function to transfer more air using least power. These fans have been proven to be low-maintenance and come at an optimal operational cost.

The efficient FRP Impellers are of the highest standards and conform to ISO-1940 Grade 6.3 or 2.6. These also come in various options such as available with, or without, the seal disk to allow for suitable induced draft or forced draft, as required to be applied in the particular industry. The innovative FRP blade design is created to have low drag with a higher lift factor, thus increasing efficiency and decreasing the use of power at the same time.

The specialized FRP blades of Parag Fans’ air-cooled heat exchanger fans and condenser fans, which have a low drag and high lift ratio, to transfer air uniformly over the entire length of the blades, as compared to the lower rate of air flow seen from the centre of the fan. The FRP blades are toughened and are created to withstanding punishing working conditions hence these blades are UV-protected and made from fire-retardant coating. These blades are also made to be resistant to erosion and corrosion with special edge protection to elongate the blade life and efficiency.

These FRP blades are balanced perfectly so as to be changed promptly and without extensive maintenance. These fans are specifically designed to reduce noise with the best blade tip angle. These blades are designed and created by expert engineers and innovators at the R&D department of Parag Fans, using individual moulds to create each blade with precision and care; this raises the efficiency of the blade to the highest levels. The seal disk comes in segmented portions for ease of transporting and handling with each segment fully moment balanced to prevent even the most minor of swirl to form in the air flow.

The hub of the fan is one of the most vital parts and is made from hot-dipped galvanized mild steel along with the fastener made from plain galvanized steel (SS-304). The seal disk of FRP material is affixed to the center bush made from tough cast iron while the blade-holding dicks are made from cast aluminum alloy, LM-6 (Cast Iron FG-200)

Parag Fans is the leader in Indian industries, as well as numerous international markets, for providing the best and most efficient air-cooled heat exchangers and other heat-transfer solutions.